Focusing on the main types of analysis

Live Monitoring

Monitoring recognises individual objects such as cars and figures on the screen in real time. It also evaluates their properties, such as colour, direction of movement and behaviour.

Artificial intelligence can recognise non-standard situations in security, marketing and transport. It will notice suspicious movements, changes of direction, stoppages, numbers of objects and unattended luggage.

Analysis also offers a parking module which can monitor the occupancy of parking places and read and subsequently process vehicle registration numbers.

Forensic Analysis

Let Scannera find all events you need in hours of video just in two minutes. It contains a precise description with metadata for more advanced searches and processing.

Analytic Features:

  • Detection of moving and also static objects.
  • Classifiying objects into specific classes.
  • Detection from moving cameras.
  • Resistance to weather conditions.
  • Complexity of the object description.
  • Enormous amount of behavioral features.
  • Synopsis creation for long video analysis.
  • Infinite expansion based on new technologies release.

Biometric Analysis

Our Biometrics Technologies provide the state of the art biometric recognition system that automatically verify, identify and match a person’s biometrics identifiers against a database of individuals.

Full stack of Biometric products:

  • Human Recognition/Face Recognition.
  • Iris/Retina, Voice, Gait, Fingerprint.
  • Unique Video Analytics Approach based on Multi- Objects Detection & Tracking.
  • Wild Scene high accurate search based on AI algorithms.
  • Multi-face detection.
  • Pose estimation features.
  • Detection of weapon. Description, length and classification of weapon.

Traffic Analysis

Intelligent solution for video analysis and data management, vehicle registration number reading, resident VIP parking, traffic violation, automatic entry system, logistics and advanced video analysis.

For more information on the issue, see the separate presentation of SCANNERA Traffic.

Main Topics of Traffic Analysis:

  • Intelligent traffic management and traffic violation
  • Residential VIP parking
  • Industry
  • Safety
  • Entrance zones
  • Towns and municipalities


Intelligent transportation systems

Real-time traffic image analysis – SCANNERA LPR

We present a system of advanced image technology for the use in transportation.

The system uses SCANNERA LPR – artificial intelligence based on a neural network together with night vision, visualization, archiving and securing of all data.

For more information, you can open a separate presentation or download a PDF document of the SCANNERA LPR matter.

Main Benefit

The primary capabilities of SCANNERA are to detect, extract, classify and describe each and every instance of an interesting object or event appearing in the scene and provides a description of these attributes to other proprietary system layers for further processing such as online monitoring, event sorting, alert management, event visualization and statistical computations.

Server Application

Use SCANNERA as a component to cloud or on-premise solutions.

Bring Your Own Camera

Connect your own IP cameras or CCTV system to SCANNERA.

Online Analysis

Evaluate the situation within the monitored scene in real time.

Live Views and Alerts

Watch a live broadcast of the analyzed scene and be immediately notified.

SCANNERA is a software solution distributed as a self-scalable server application or a comprehensive server appliance which includes custom recommended hardware. The installation of SCANNERA is simple and straightforward. It can easily be integrated with existing CCTV systems or other infrastructures. SCANNERA receives video streams on the input and sends video streams and recorded events on the output, all using standard technologies, therefore no complicated integration is necessary. Integration services are provided for those looking to integrate SCANNERA into their custom application server.

SCANNERA delivers high-performance video analysis. SCANNERA can easily be integrated with most brands of static IP cameras on the market. SCANNERA offers many video analytics features. Each feature yields a different type of behvaior analysis. SCANNERA analytics features can be randomly combined on a single server. Users can even specify a feature set for each camera to provide. The result unmatchable  flexibility while satisfying optimal end-user deployment requirements.

SCANNERA provides real-time video scene analysis by the application of computer vision methods using artifical intelligence. Based on detected events and defined notification rules, SCANNERA can immediately alert users of abnormal or suspicious behavior without the need of human supervision. This powerful capability enhances both manned and unmanned operations by working 24/7, reducing the amount of video data analyzers must review, and delivering a high level of monitoring for video systems of any size. The user-friendly SCANNERA setup application allows the client to configure analytical features and alert events at any time and place. Various notification rules can be defined separately for each camera. In the event of an alert, users are notified via text message, e-mail or mobile push-notifications. Alert events can also be used to sound on-site alarm or notify third-party security authorities.

SCANNERA allows users to view broadcasts from their security cameras which include the results of video analysis. SCANNERA provides a compatible video stream along with the time-matching stream of events in the scene, allowing the client to use their own CCTV infrastructure for monitoring. The alert management feature allows security personnel to monitor alert events from a large number of video sources. SCANNERA generates alert events directly from the video analysis performed real-time on multiple security cameras. Security guards at separate stations can run separate instances of SCANNERA client applications and collaborate on real-time alert management.

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Object Detection and Recognition

Object detected in the scene are classified based on their type.


Face detection

Intelligence that can identify uniquely persons, objects, fingerprints or eye iris.


Intrusion Detection

Detects when an object enters a specified area or crosses a specified line.


Behavior Analysis

Detects behavior patterns such as loitering fails, and sudden direction changes.


Traffic Analysis

We detect traffic violations and suspicious activity based on the vehicle trajectory.


Theft and Accident Detection

We detect advanced patterns of criminal behavior and human accidents.


Camera Sabotage

We can detect when the camera providing the source feed has been tampered with.


Counters and Statictics

We count people and objects within the entire scene or specific zone.


Object Anonymization

We keep specific objects anonymous by blurring the image.


Event Compression

We compress events enabling the quick review of video recordings.

Intended Areas of Use





More Features Coming Soon

Behavior Analysis

Sophisticated detection of accidents, crime and agressive behavior.

Geutebrueck SDK Integration

Module-based integration to CCTV systems of various brands worldwide.


Advanced methods of biometric identification and search.

Synoptic and Forensic Analysis

Congested videos of events that occurred over a longer period of time.

Real-time detection of weapons and people from security cameras
(Video contains English subtitles)

SCANNERA: Demonstration of the possibilities of the Quantasoft engine in a real deployment.
AI detection of weapons and people in real-time from security cameras.
Czech Television report.


SCANNERA is a brand of company SCANLOCK.
SCANLOCK has more than 20 years of tradition and presence in 3 EU countries (CZ, SK, HU).
The main focus is added value distribution and development of security technologies with an emphasis on a comprehensive project solution.

Product SCANNERA is the result of many years development machine vision specialist.
Engine is open for integration and can be deployed on any existing camera system including forensic analysis.
SCANNERA solutions are comprised of the full spectrum of services and solutions in software development,
system integration and quality-assurance verification testing.


SCANNERA is a video analysis system ready for immediate use and is the result of our long-time development efforts in the field of computer vision. SCANNERA is available as a B2B solution, including additional configuration. Each implementation of the SCANNERA system can be tailored to meet the precise needs of the client.